Tuxedo Styling at the High Street Fashion Awards


Fashion fashion FASHION!

Last night I was working from the red carpet at the Comfort Prima High Street Fashion Awards, which took place in a huge swish marquee in the middle of London’s Battersea Park. It was the perfect summer evening thank goodness, because it was all about the dresses and of course, the shoes (the Louboutin red soles were out in force.)

My stoop for the evening was with my crew just next to the paparazzi – I then dragged/shouted/seduced the celebrities to come and talk to me about what they were wearing, who they were wearing and their thoughts on our brilliant British High Street. I chatted with the Towie girls incl. Amy Childs and Chloe Sims (great teeth and serious boobies) Marcus Collins (one of my favourite X-Factorians) Michelle Heaton of Liberty X fame & the brilliant/very funny Claire Richards from Steps.

Let’s take it back to what I wore, which of course kept me busy for most of yesterday morning. I was in a flap. A fashion flap. What do you wear to a razzle dazzle glitzy do, when you prefer pared down chic? Did I want to go all our glamour or my kind of glamour, which is tailoring, prints and killer heels. I went with the latter. After I realised I had nothing I wanted to wear in my wardrobe, I made a mad dash to Zara and searched through the rails of every store in central London.

Then it all came together.

I went for a satin lapel tuxedo jacket (one day I will wear YSL) with pyjama printed trousers, a simple sleeveless white blouse, and then, my Miu Miu’s (I’m in lust and love.)

Satin lapel Tuxedo Jacket – of course – Zara



Print Trousers from Zara



 The night went on with lots of glitz, glamour and music from Aidan Grimshaw. The food was excellent; soft bread, tasty risotto, ice cold fizz and the trifle was the perfect ratio of jelly to custard and cream.

After presenting the awards for the Best Department store with Claire Richards (it was my very won Oscar moment) A huge firework of glitter and light exploded on the catwalk and the big winner of the Best Retailer of the Year was announced. The NEXT team were thrilled and so happy that all of their energy and hard work had been recognised, which is brilliant.