The Opticians #dread

I started wearing glasses when I was seven, and have had to wear some form of ‘visual aid’ since.

In my late teens an optician told me that without said ‘visual aid’ I am clinically blind. Yes, I have terrible eye sight, I wear very thick glasses and I get very tetchy about it (ask any friend who has tried on my glasses and commented on the lens thickness/how the strength of my lenses made them feel hungover. Bi**hes.)

On the up-side, I wear contact lenses every day so I don’t have to wear my thick bottle-top glasses. However, with late nights and early starts my eyes have recently become increasingly red and tired, which means; I need new glasses. #dread

I absolutely hate going to the opticians because I associate it with bad news, I know this sounds dramatic, but it is true. This, however, has got to change. There are so many slick and cool designs (Miu Miu, Cutler and Gross, Chanel…)  that I may really enjoy wearing (I doubt it.) But which ones do I choose?

Unlike those who want the ‘geek-chic’ look and don’t wear prescription glasses, it isn’t just a case of style and preference, because my new glasses must:

a) Suit my face shape (this is tricky because I have a strong, but of course very feminine, jaw and chin)

b) Accommodate my super-sized lenses. Right, let’s see.

Because I need a good solid frame for my lenses, I am always drawn to a thicker, square frame (often like Chris Evans circa TFI Friday) but this photo really makes me think, why do I do that when they look so heavy and bulky? Next. (This is my favourite photo, because I actually look like I am doing a mole impression, but I’m not, this is just my face/look/stare.)

Again, looking like a mole. The frames are still too thick and heavy, awful actually. Next.

RaHaa! I look frightened and surprised here, like I have never seen an Iphone before. I like the faded rim on these Burberry frames, they remind me of both Colin Firth in ‘A Single man’ and Dame Edna, so we’re not there yet. Next.

 So, what do you think of these? I haven’t bought them, yet, but I really like them, and like them even more every time I see them. The frame suits the shape of my face and apparently these will not accentuate the width of my lenses, oh, and most importantly, their arms aren’t covered in branding and diamanté detailing (shame on you Missoni, shame on you.)