Talking Haircuts, Colour and Mid-Lengths

After a frightening hair appointment as a teenager which left me with a fiercely feathered finish, I became a bit scared of the hairdressers. After a series of life-changing events in my early twenties, I did what so many have done before and since; I had a drastic hair-cut from long and blonde to choppy and brunette. Haven’t we all done that? Been happy, sad or restless and thought a haircut, piercing or tattoo is just what you need? That was back in 2011 so let’s fast-forward to 2015 where I work with John Frieda as a brand-muse and now love trying different styles, blow-dries, cuts and colours from long-layers and blunt edges to pink and copper.

Like many of us who know a good thing when we see it, I have been very loyal to the boys who have looked after my hair for nearly two years at John Frieda’s Fitzrovia salon: stylist Mark Smith and colourist William Selley (NB: the safest and most stylish hands in the business.)

With an appointment later this week I thought I would mood-board some images for my next step from fair and mid-length hair: do I want sweet caramel tones like Kruger? A soft Olsen ombre? Bright blonde like Gwyneth? Or maybe return to my copper-tones like the beautiful Bosworth?