Ribbons, Bows, Pearls and Velvet

Little glitter stars, butterflies, beaded-slides and bowed ribbons were a big thing for me back in – God – it must have been the late nineties! Wearing them all together in my hair, in and around my messy bun was my ‘thing.’ Then hairclips went from niche to naff, I grew up and they just… Continue reading Ribbons, Bows, Pearls and Velvet

Full-On Folklore Florals

I always find it difficult to define my style when asked, a classic question being ‘describe your style in three words’ which is impossible with a wardrobe full of different personalities. There’s the minimalist who loves a white tee with Levis 501s and a blazer, often leaning on androgyny with some sort of heeled boot.… Continue reading Full-On Folklore Florals