Full-On Folklore Florals

I always find it difficult to define my style when asked, a classic question being ‘describe your style in three words’ which is impossible with a wardrobe full of different personalities. There’s the minimalist who loves a white tee with Levis 501s and a blazer, often leaning on androgyny with some sort of heeled boot.… Continue reading Full-On Folklore Florals

Do You Agree to Dungaree?

It was Christmas 1996 and to this day I remember my best present: a pair of fleece lined dungarees from Gap, not only the cosiest but at the time, coolest. Since then, whether they’ve been on-trend or not I’ve loved dungarees. Saying that, I totally understand why over the age of 11, some may think they… Continue reading Do You Agree to Dungaree?

Absolutely Frilled

By August I am oft-bored of my clothes (urg – I’m sick of them!) – because we’re coming to the very end of the season, the shops are selling off their tired spring/summer collections and the pull of fresh new trends is real! One romantic-but-doesn’t-have-to-be-too-girly trend that has translated from the Rodarte and Marc Jacobs catwalks onto the… Continue reading Absolutely Frilled

All White | My Love of the White Shirt

What is it about the clean simplicity of a white shirt that makes is such a timeless style staple? I have an excessive amount of white shirts, however each season I am tempted by fresh new designs that I can’t resist: sheer, pocketed, pinned, asymmetric, sleeveless, silk… The magic of the white shirt is that… Continue reading All White | My Love of the White Shirt