My Style Safe-House: Jeans and a Shirt (I know – not wildly original…)

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If I were to think about my style uniform, you know, my go-to when I feel uninspired and reach for something safe, it has always been a variation of jeans and a shirt. Now, this may vary season-to-season depending on the trends and denim silhouette I’m favouring i.e.: in 2009 it was J Brand Love Story flares in black and plaid whereas in 2017 it’s 501’s and a cold-shoulder. As unoriginal as this is, it’s the versatility that I can rely on; I can mix and match fabrics and finishes with different layers, jewellery, accessories and footwear but at the heart of it I know exactly where I’m at.

Here I’m wearing a cold-shoulder shirt Topshop last summer, it’s a style now on every high street rail; I love its clean stripes and unfussy bow detailing. The jeans are skinny Levis 501s, my first pair of Levis in a decade I’ve worn them every day since I bought them; seriously I don’t know what I wore before? And then to the pops of red to add colour to lift the blues: the lipstick is Smashbox in my favourite orange-red ‘Fireball’ and the strappy heels were a smash ‘n’ grab purchase from H & M for a ridiculously inexpensive £17.99 (such a clean and simple design but not great if you’re walking far!)

The power of Levis 501s ‘skinny’ 

There’s a reason why both men and women have coveted this iconic red-labelled brand: premium denim, authentic seam and stitch details and most importantly they make your ass look high and rounded. Somehow these jeans lift and sculpt your tush, defining and outlining it in a way that makes you ass-proud, to be honest I’m not mad about my bum/ ass/ tush but it does look pretty peachy in these – I suggest you try a pair and see for yourself!