Ribbons, Bows, Pearls and Velvet

Little glitter stars, butterflies, beaded-slides and bowed ribbons were a big thing for me back in – God – it must have been the late nineties! Wearing them all together in my hair, in and around my messy bun was my ‘thing.’ Then hairclips went from niche to naff, I grew up and they just weren’t really in-style, until now. I’ve always had a few little bow-bars and slides that I wear when I want to be a bit more Margot Tenenbaum; one that is ancient from H&M and the other I stole from my niece (sorry Elodie.) Hair accessories have been a growing trend over the past year, I’d say since we saw and fell in love with Simone’s Rocha’s faux pearly slides at her spring/ summer 2018 show; just darling! Fancy clips and slides are the most understated jewellery and will instantly dress-up an outfit, but somehow in an unfussy way. And what’s more, what I love so much is that you can layer them to look more-is-more (well, within reason.) I love the embellished bar slides; you can wear them symmetrically or slide them one on top of another on one side. Velvet slides in different pink tones, simple gold slides, standout hair bobbles and ribbons, I love them all! I recently went into Accessorize (if the sound and look of clips excites you, that is your place!) – and spent £20, very easily on hair nick nacks. For a wedding, for the evening, for when my hair looks a bit flat and tired, I didn’t know I needed all of these pretty things and now wear them like a uniform.

See some catwalk inspiration below, how I am wearing mine and then shop from my selection from Accessorize up to Gucci (I spent WAY too long searching for these!)

Simone Rocha Spring/ Summer 2018
Ashley Williams Spring/ Summer 2018
Michael Kors Spring/ Summer 2018

Accessorise Pearl Hair Slides | £6

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