The Power of Dressing with Who What Wear UK’s Hannah Almassi

We filmed this several months ago in Hannah’s Leyton flat where she lives with her fashion photographer husband Phill Taylor and their British Shorthair. Their home is lovely, both cool and cosy; as someone who is always home-improving I’m arguably the most enthusiastic person when it comes to tiles, grouting, sofa fabrics and fitted wardrobes. Hannah’s home is very much like her fashion style, it’s a mix of modern, vintage with bright pops of red and it all works so well together. When brainstorming who I wanted to be involved in this series, Hannah was one of the first people. We’ve known each-other for years after meeting through our previous jobs where we were junior and working our way up the ladder. In an industry where so many people ethuse pseudo-confidence, Hannah is special in that she is always so friendly, smiley and chatty when the general vibe around industry events and fashion week can be dismissive. We sat and chatted for nearly an hour (this was one of the hardest to edit because we covered so much ground) and talked about personal style, why tailoring makes her feel dressed and confident before a panel-talk or pitch and the importance of Who What Wear UK being a positive voice that is our online friend not foe.

Watch The Power of Dressing with Who What Wear’s Hannah Almassi. 

Hannah explains ‘my parents tell me that my first word was shoe, well apparently, but I think it may be an urban myth.’
A wardrobe of vintage dresses, tailored trouser suits and a riot of colour.
Hannah is building a wardrobe of quality investments including designer handbags and shoes.