The Power of Dressing with Alexis Foreman from Style Memos

I met Alexis through a mutual friend Sarah Parham (the designer of SVP Jewellery) at a dinner party; she knew we would get on and she was right, Alexis is charm and warmth personified. As a creative director and successful fashion blogger with Style Memos, she’s also a busy Mum to three boys (Frankie, Jude and Seb) as well as being something of a matriarchal figure in the Brighton community (her husband James is the pastor at Church of Christ the King.) The Foreman family live in the heart of Brighton, literally next to the train station in what is, naturally, the most handsome house on the street. If you know Style Memos you’ll know her very distinct style: minimal, clean, tonal and oft-styled with a ‘hero’ piece, either a great pair of statement earrings or standout footwear (if we were the same size I would have snuck her Greyson hiking boots into my bag.)

I went and saw Alexis at her home on North Laine and as well as a tour of her stylish house (which you can see more of in her collaboration with The White Company) I was allowed to browse her well-organised wardrobe and trunk (trunk!) of beauty and make-up. From talking about why she launched Style Memos to what she has learnt about her body since having children and the go-to outfits she reaches for when she means business, watch The Power of Dressing with Alexis Foreman.