Organising your Style with VVA by Sarah Haran

It’s only as I get older that I want and need my handbag to be properly organised, ideally like a mobile desk-cum-dressing table. When I think about it, this is something I learnt from my sister-in-law who, when asked (and yes we have tested her) can recite what’s in each compartment of her handbag; it’s genuinely impressive. My handbag used to be a hot mess, a mix of lip balms, loyalty cards, letters that need to be sent and chewing gum foils. On a lifetime mission to better myself (isn’t everyone?) I’ve learnt that along with making my bed morning, leaving home with a handbag that’s organised like a portable office sets me up for a better and less fretful day, to avoid the ‘oh god where’s my f**king Oyster card’ moments.

To achieve this you need a handbag that will help and support you, cue Brit accessories brand VVA by Sarah Haran which designs multi-functional handbags that are as stylish as they are practical; square and unsexy as that may sound. Secret zips for safe-keeping, pockets and compartments of all shapes and sizes, pop-on pockets in contrasting fabrics and finishes, bold inter-changeable straps and tassels and pom poms to make it your own. Personally, what really stands out to me is that these designs are both classic and contemporary, they work with my wardrobe and across so many different trends and styles, making a quiet style statement without be too loud or trend.

Over the coming weeks you’ll see more images from a shoot that I was involved in for VVA by Sarah Haran. The photos are fantastic, the result of a brilliant photographer Roo Kendall, stylist Hunger Magazine’s Ellie Witt, direction from Studio Macki and of course product, VVA by Sarah Haran.


Oversized Trench | Zara | £79.99

Lily Khaki Green Leather Pouch Handbag | VVA by Sarah Haran | £99