//Welcome Nelly.com//


The Q went round the Aqua London building, down Argyll Street and onto Regent Street with bloggers, journalists and fashion people waiting, tailored shoulder to tailored shoulder. Nelly.com had come to London.

Nelly.com is Scandinavia’s online shopping mecca/destination/not to miss site which has now officially launched here in the UK, and last night saw that it went off with a big, sexy, superstylish bang.

The drinks (very important) were delicious, all Nelly themed and pretty punchy (I can feel them this morning.)

The food (also very important) was platters of Aqua’s very-famous-and-now- I-know-why sushi, it was divine and having to elbow others out of the way made it that bit more delicious.

The clothes (most important of all) were very on-trend, think neon lace, printed maxi dresses, stud embellished fierce heels and statement jewellery.

The music (set the scene) with Gemma Cairney of BBC1Xtra fame playing out retro disco tunes


Nelly.com - for on-trend Scandi-cool



** Click link to browse Nelly.com : http://nelly.com/uk/womens-fashion/  **