My First Brit ‘Weekend-ation’


Wellies. You Must Have Your Wellies

This weekend I am going away for my very first British ‘staycation’ with my boyfriend Christian to the New Forest, and I am really bloody excited. I think I am even more excited than a weekend int he sunshine which sounds mad, but I quite like the challenge of a weekend where torrential rain and storms could be on the cards.

I haven’t written a post like this before, a ‘How To’ so to speak, mainly because I would never want you to think that I know or am preaching at the sartorial rights and wrongs of packing for a long weekend. But, don’t you think it is the trickiest time frame to pack for?

So let’s brainstorm…

1) Cosy Knitwear

1) Cosy knitwear – well of course! The mercury has dropped and it’s now ferociously cold and real winter has arrived, so it is definitely time to get cosy in cool or cutesy knits.  I love bright and bold knits that sex up my weekend-wear uniform of jeans and a parka. 2) Inspired by Markus Lupfer and Christopher Kane the high street has fallen for brilliantly bold emblazoned knits, such as below, I love my skull knit jumper from Lupfer; as you can imagine my Granny does not.

2) Statement Knit

3) I think ‘one’ should always pack a diverse selection of trousers, so you are ready and prepared. For my coutryside retreat I have packed blue jeans (classic,) black jeans (old J-Brands which are comfortable and perfect for walks,) printed trousers (in case we go somewhere smart’ish for dinner, I love these with an Arran knit,)  and of COURSE, my failsafe leather trousers; because I don’t leave home without them.

3) A Selection of Trousers for Fair & Foul Weather

(Note: of course I do leave home without my leather trousers, I only mean when I go AWAY, I always pack them.)

4) Outerwear is potentially the most important piece in your winter wardrobe, because you will be wearing it, pretty much, the entire time. I invested in an ultra-warm, duck-down, coyote fur-trimmed parka from Spiewak and it is the best thing I own; next stop – Woolrich. In addition to your sensible and practical outerwear, why not sneak in a bit of frivolous sparkle with a sequin blazer, I find you can always find a good time to wear them, even if it is in the village local pub.

4) Outerwear: Both Practical and Super Pretty

5) And then of course you are going to/will always want and need your  trainers/sneaks/kicks/high-tops. I have loved and lost many a pair of Converse, but have recently fallen in love all over again with the below, USA Converse which were a present from my gorgeous friends Cat and Kate. However Converse do tend to expose my toes to the elements, which is not ideal/bit of a downside.

5) My USA Converse, even if there are blizzards you always need a Converse

6) WAIT! A dress! Of course, you must always pack a little something slinky of a dress, think silk in a loose and Carrie Bradshaw nightie sort of design, slinky but midi in length with a slit, but not sleazy. You see? Easy with boots and a knit if you don’t want to overdo it, or maybe you do…

7) Due to my laptop frequently working against me, I was unable to post this post BEFORE I went away, therefore I am also able to add photos from our brilliant weekend. Please see below: