Matchy-Matchy: Collars, Cuffs and Earrings

I don’t consider myself a matchy-matchy dresser, I’m more than happy to wear clothes and accessories that clash or not even that exciting, just sit together and don’t say much. But when I do and it works, I love the polished effect; it’s like a sartorial signal that you know what you’re doing and you’ve made an effort with it. And then there’s those occasions, those outfits that seem to come together quite by chance and you realise it’s as if they were meant to be worn together, like a couple they’re so in sync, like these Milk Tooth LDN earrings and Baum und Pferdgarten’s Metallic Frill Cardigan (both bought from Studio B Fashion, a brilliant online boutique that focuses on independent and smaller brands with big personalities.)

So I wore my bold earrings that matched both my collar and my cuffs and felt like I’d started that freezing February morning in just about the best way that I could; it’s the small things…

Baum und Pferdgarten Lurex Metallic Purple Cuff Cardigan | £189 at Studio B Fashion
Milk Tooth LDN Gold Geometric Home Earrings | £46

If you haven’t already, meet Studio B Fashion, browse the boutique and its edit of independent brands here.