In Georg We Trust

Just look at this header photo. My friend Frankie took it, after I warmed up with a few ‘hand-in-my-pocket-looking-nonchalent-and-aloof’ poses; but then decided to make it more ironic, more festive and more MoonPig. now reading this, I think perhaps too much thought went into my photo by the Christmas tree. Anyway..

So that was that, and I’m now back at my desk (it’s freezing) after magpie’ing the Georg Jensen Spring Summer ’13 collection; think diamonds sparkling and shining, seducing you in platinum, rose, yellow and white golds: #oneday.

‘FUSION’ rings

I have known and loved Georg Jensen’s designs since my sister Genevieve was given the famous ‘Fusion’ ring by her husband, after she had her little boy, George. That is now seven years ago and I still try on all of her rings and jewels when I see her; I adore that ring and really admire the brands clean, classic and modern approach to design.

Since I do not own any Georg Jensen of my own, I saw today’s Press Day as an opportunity to style myself up with different pieces from across the board of collections. First I went straight to the ‘Fusion’ rings, of course I thought more is more is more and stacked them so high I couldn’t bend my finger. Then I moved onto the instantly recognisable and iconic ‘Grape’ ring; weighty and solid silver bals in a clustered grape design – the designs are timelessly exquisite.

The ‘GRAPE’ Collection

(Note: please excuse my boyish nails and dry winter hands.)

And finally onto the ‘Magic Showpiece’ Collection.

Just LOOK at this ring below, this fierce statament ring; 18k yellow gold embellished with precious diamonds. It’s serious.  I love rings and am building up a collection which includes elegant designs through to chunky hand candy. do you agree that I need this ring? Well sadly, it is a few thousands out of my budget, but perhaps next year if I work extra hard, and stop procrastinating? Dam procrastination. It ruins everything.


After three sexy salmon and ill blinins and a pint of fresh carrot juice, I said bye to Franks and made my way home, mentally making note of my new and very expensive Christmas wish-list…

Dear Santa…