Honey Ryder / May-Day / Solitaire/ Pam Bouvier & Bond.

A View TO Kill Poster
Ursela Andress as Honey Rider / Dr No / 1962
Grace Jones as May Day / A View to A Kill / 1985

Today I was filming for a ’50 Years of James Bond’ TV Special, where I was drafted in to give my style/fashion/Bond girl loving opinion on the 50 year spy series that is of course our Bond, James Bond.

Once I started thinking and discussing Bond I realised I know a lot about our favourite British spy. ┬áMy brother JD had the full VHS (like Blu-Ray of the 1980s) collection and I have seen Timothy Dalton star as Bond in ‘License to Kill’ at least 15 times (I hate to ridiculously over exaggerate, but I have seen it a lot.) Before I knew it I was between takes/shots talking about Honey Ryder (aka Ursula Andress’) killer curves in THAT white bikini, who is slicker – the original Sean Connery or Roger Moore and which Bond wears the tuxedo with the most pazazz.

But of course the main fashion and style credits went to the Bond Girls, from Ursula Andress (heavenly) to Grace Jones (fierce) and Carey Lowell (cheek bones and elfin crop.) To be a Bond girl means something and always has, and it still has the same kudos and status in 2012, 50 years on.

Despite feminists fighting against women being portrayed as objects of sex and beauty in Bond films, I disagree because they are so much more. Yes they’re beautiful, yes they’re sexual, but they’re also strong, ferocious, can fly from sky scrapers and seduce/out smart and challenge Bond.

I’m not a super fan but as a Brit I am proud of James Bond and love the time and history that Bond films punctuate, and the memories and associations I have with each James Bond, Bond girl and quirky gadget loving Q.

Jane Seymour as Solitaire / Live and Let Die / 1973
Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier / A License to Kill / 1989

When asked which Bond wears the classic tuxedo best, I went current and chose Daniel Craig because I love how masculine, strong and fearless he is (as opposed to the more polished and precious Pierce Brosnan, sorry Pierce.)

Daniel – your Bond super club awaits ‘SkyFall’ with baited breath.

Daniel Craig is the current James bond