Fitness, Styling + The Angels

As I write this I am shuffling with an aching bum and thighs; this afternoon I was a bit over-adventurous with the weights and squats, which was foolish because I am so unfit.
After weeks (okay fine, months) of doing minimal exercise I have now remembered why I love to sweat like a pig, feeling like a fox. Today I returned to the gym at Virgin’s Mayfair Health Club which is where pain is followed by pleasure, in a cool and modern space with advanced equipment (yes, I often have to ask for help) and zen dressing rooms. As I fought through fifteen minutes on the rowing machine, I started thinking of my fitness pin-ups; who do I look to for realistic health, fitness and beauty inspiration?
Then I thought, who needs realism when you can aim for the blinding heights of the Victoria’s Secrets Angels? Once I got home I took to the internet to see what those amazonian beauties wear when they workout; if I don’t have the abs, I can at least plan the wardrobe.


fgpf1srgssxzfsw2nukyFirst it’s the right underwear and unlike the foxy Lily Aldridge I’m not quite ready to crop top and only crop top, but I do want to tap this Calvin Klein mesh-trimmed sports bra.




For me, leggings/ fitted shorts are the only trouser option. Of course, the sportswear Goliath NIKE has so many lengths, fits and styles. Always remember (or maybe you have learnt the hard way!) dark colours and prints are your workout friends -> these NIKE print monochrome leggings are also the perfect length; slightly cropped above the ankle.




Whether I am spinning or running, I will always start with a jacket or hoodie; perhaps that’s the Brit in me or that fact it is March and still cold. I have GAP, American Apparel and NIKE hoodies which look after me when I am working out or being lazy; ironic really. This double zip grey hoodie from Stella McCartney for adidas is so cool and easy, which also means if you have that awkward bump in, you know you’re looking fit-slick.


And of course: trainers. I think the brighter the better, as long as they are supportive and give you decent bounce. If in doubt, turn to NIKE, the gym and street-wear favourite for the past fifty years. If you are stuck and looking for workout inspiration, even if it is to get an idea of high-street brands and designers, have a look at Net-a-Porter which has everything for sports from swimming to ski and NIKE to Isabel Marant. These NIKE suede, mesh and leather are just what I am looking for.