How to Find-Figure Flattering Swimwear for Your Shape

Shopping for swimwear is one of the most gruelling pre-summer experiences – and that is taking into account bikini waxes and brow threading! Whether you have been working out at the gym, running in the morning, clean eating or doing none of the aforementioned, once you are in the bright lights of the changing rooms it is sometimes hard to feel confident and body beautiful.

This summer I did some research before I went shopping because I wanted to better understand what would actually suot my figure – with or without cutting carbs and the 7 Minute Workout. I have quite big boobs, a straight waistline, padding on my hips and some shape in my bottom. There. I have never written that actually – but yes – that is my figure and through trial and error I have learnt that my boobs needs bra-like support, my hips look best under a high-waisted knicker and bandeau designs do nothing for me.

For full styling tips simply watch this video, filmed exclusively for Yahoo Style > >



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