Introducing My New Film Podcast ‘Admit One’ | Ep. 1 with James King

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On deciding who to call-up to come onto my brand-new film podcast ‘Admit One’ where I talk to friends and industry-insiders about their three favourite films, James King was my first port of call. We worked together for a few years at the BAFTA’s aka the coldest red-carpet in show business. I was covering the A-list fashion, he was talking films and since then he has been my go-to for film chatter: “James, do you think Dev Patel is gorgeous!? Would you rather be friends with Brad or Angelina?”

James is many things: film expert, Molly Ringwald fan, vegetarian, author and one of the tallest men I know. I would never have predicted the films he chose but that doesn’t mean I don’t agree that they’re stone-cold classics (as a die-hard fan of retro musicals, eighties teen films and everything Jake Gyllenhaal.)

Not only do we talk about his top three films, James also speculates on who he thinks will triumph at the awards (spoiler alert – he thought Arrival was fantastic) but also how Matthew Broderick helped him pass a film dissertation and what he thinks of Alicia Vikander filling Angela Jolie’s action hero boots in the upcoming Tomb Raider.

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