Do You Agree to Dungaree?

It was Christmas 1996 and to this day I remember my best present: a pair of fleece lined dungarees from Gap, not only the cosiest but at the time, coolest. Since then, whether they’ve been on-trend or not I’ve loved dungarees. Saying that, I totally understand why over the age of 11, some may think they aren’t particularly flattering, elegant, figure-defining or stylish so with this in mind I thought I would style together a selection of different looks to test-drive my new tailored Joseph dungarees. (NB: I found them in the bi-annual Joseph sample sale at the Music Rooms off Molton Street; it’s a must-go!)

How do you feel about overalls? Boiler-suits? Dungarees? All-in-ones? There’s something about the ease of putting on just one garment. For me, the key to wearing them well is to keep the rest of the outfit quite simple and classic; avoid anything too on-trend that may make you look like a die-hard ‘hipster.’ Like with jeans, it’s all about the cut and shape of the dungarees; you want them to be fitted but not tight on the body, fitted on the bum (without looking spray-on) and then the leg-cut you want, whether that is cropped flare like mine or a looser Levis 501 shape. Below is how I have been wearing mine to either inspire and influence you – or not!







Stella McCartney | Stretch Denim Overalls | £520 at Net-a-Porter


Steve J and Yoni P | Cutout Denim Dungarees | £335 at Selfridges 


Stella McCartney | Button-Down Slim-Leg Dungarees | Now £255 at