Cosy, Soft, Tonal Dressing


I’m always a believer in less is more (except when I’m feeling more is more;) an idea I apply to many things from pizza toppings (margarita – every single time) to keeping it simple with the colours I wear. Saying this I do love to clash prints, colours and textures but as a rule I think tonal dressing i.e. wearing multiple shades of the same colour at once, is super sleek. I watched my friend Hannah Almassi, editor of Who What Wear UK, talk about this very idea for John Lewis and Partners; that if you want to refresh what you have in your wardrobe or introduce new tones and fresh colours, keep it in the same colour family. If you have a camel-coloured coat, mix in lighter shades and complementary neutral and oat colours or when wearing brilliant red, contrast and match it with orange and similar tones.

If you haven’t properly browsed John Lewis & Partners womenswear then now is the time; now that it’s autumn and finally time to cosy up in soft layers. I mention them specifically because they have done something super smart in designing classic shapes and styles in many colours, that can be worn with different pieces from their collection. You can be as neutral as you feel or go as bright and brilliant as you want to, they’ve made it so simple to dress from a collection that will make you look polished and pulled together. The look I’m wearing below makes me feel great: it’s tailored, it’s cashmere and it’s in sumptuous creamy neutrals which look so smart and expensive. I’m wearing a round bag, the shape of the season if you will, and it adds a fresh little pop of pale blue. I’ll probably be wearing a variation on this look for the foreseeable future…



John Lewis & Partners Double Breasted Coat in Oatmeal | £249

John Lewis & Partners Cashmere Relaxed Roll Neck Sweater in Neutral | £99

John Lewis & Partners Lena Leather Circle Mini Cross Body Bag in Yellow | £70

Arket Wide Merino Trousers | £89