Layering with Links of London

I love to dress-up in feminine dresses, colours and prints but there are those days where I go boyish in leather trousers and a shirt of my husband’s. For me, there is no reason why those low-key outfits shouldn’t be embellished with stacks of jewellery; every day needs a bit of finery. Some outfits need… Continue reading Layering with Links of London

Cosy, Soft, Tonal Dressing


I’m always a believer in less is more (except when I’m feeling more is more;) an idea I apply to many things from pizza toppings (margarita – every single time) to keeping it simple with the colours I wear. Saying this I do love to clash prints, colours and textures but as a rule I… Continue reading Cosy, Soft, Tonal Dressing

London Fashion Week Style


Learning to dress my changing figure and growing bump is a hurdle in itself, let alone when I’m out and about attending London fashion week shows. One thing I didn’t realise is that all of my go-to pieces from printed silk trousers to pleated skirts were now totally off-limits, packed away in storage for 2019… Continue reading London Fashion Week Style

Ribbons, Bows, Pearls and Velvet

Little glitter stars, butterflies, beaded-slides and bowed ribbons were a big thing for me back in – God – it must have been the late nineties! Wearing them all together in my hair, in and around my messy bun was my ‘thing.’ Then hairclips went from niche to naff, I grew up and they just… Continue reading Ribbons, Bows, Pearls and Velvet

Scandi Styling for Ikea’s Democratic Design Days

Last week I went to Sweden to host Ikea’s Democratic Design Days event (you can see what I was up to here.) For said event I wanted to look smart and tailored without losing the fun side of fashion that I love; for me it’s all in the details. I love updated basics, you know… Continue reading Scandi Styling for Ikea’s Democratic Design Days

What I Wore, When in Rome

It was my second time to Rome last weekend after visiting the Eternal City a couple of years ago for just 24 hours before a wedding; it was July, swelteringly hot and humid, meaning I didn’t enjoy dressing as much as I usually do. This time however, again visiting Rome for wedding (I know, my… Continue reading What I Wore, When in Rome

Five of my Favourite | Trench Coats

It’s hard not to get too excited about the season changing; the clocks go forward and you feel owed longer days and better weather; wishful thinking! There are some items hanging in my wardrobe that aren’t just wardrobe staples, they’re my armour and at this time of year that shifts from a winter parka to… Continue reading Five of my Favourite | Trench Coats