Biblical April showers

Here I am.



I can’t decide how I feel about the rain. The environmental (ahem) side of me understands that we need rain so not to have a very dry/drought of a summer. But the clothes conscious side, who is stupid & often leaves home without a brolly, is angry. For the second day running I have been caught in a biblical downpour of rain & hail, biblical. A deluge.

Below are my ‘sartorial’ Do’s and Don’ts of how to deal with the rain, that have been reaffirmed today:


• Wear Ugg boots. They will soak up the water like a sponge when wading through puddles
• Wear wool, it smells wretched when wet. Wretched.
• Wear leather trousers, they’ll stretch and cling and stick to your thighs *squeek*
• Wear Converse, they will only let you down (as mine did today)
• Be embarrassed to utilise plastic bags – they make chic headwear & will save your Miu Miu’s from ruin


• Wear layers, so you can strip off when you’re soaked through
• Get a taxi – spoil yourself!
• Always have your ‘in-case-of-emergency’ make up basics with you, to fill in the gaps
• Accept that your hair will look straggly & flat


So. Here is to the clouds clearing, blue skies & biblical sunshine for the weekend (**hopeful**)