Admit One Ep. 15 with Emily Hartridge aka YouTube’s Emily Hart

As I say, this weekly film podcast set to talk to different people and profiles from across the arts and so far I’ve welcomed¬†broadcasters, authors, musicians and journalists into the Admit One studio, but what about the huge world of online? This week I am joined by YouTube creator Emily Hartridge aka ‘Emily Hart.’ With a weekly video series called ’10 Reasons Why,’ Emily has grown her YouTube following to over 300,000, no mean feat. As a film-lover she often satires film genres in her weekly videos, such as ‘Romantic Comedies in Real Life’ or the (no surprise here – very successful!) – ‘Porn Films in Real Life.’

We sit and talk about being kids of the 1990s, the fantasy genre, her love of gory horror films, love of Leonardo and why life is scarier than anything you see at the cinema.

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