Admit One Ep. 14 with Broadcaster and Musician Clemency Burton-Hill

I know friends who’ve met online (no – I don’t mean dating)  – through Twitter or Instagram where they’ve followed each-other and started a friendship from an online conversation; this happened with Clemency Burton-Hill & I. She is a listener and fan of ‘Admit One with Antonia O’Brien’ which is a huge compliment and it was actually through the magic platform of podcasting that we met when she listened to my episode with Cherry Healey and said how much she loved it!

With Clemency’s background in music and broadcasting I wanted to get her in the studio to talk to me about soundtracks and scores and if possible, choose her favourite 3 (never an easy feat!) Chatting to her and listening to her articulating the sounds of music and its relationship and importance to films was fantastic, to be honest I was hanging off her every word (and I’m sure you will too.)

We talk Quentin Tarantino, how classical music can and should be enjoyed by every music-lover and share a mutual love of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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